October 22, 2010
Homebrook Road - Final Chapter

Story by Brian Caesar

                “I told you to get out of here” the stranger said under his wet poisoned breathe as he ferociously grabbed the bottle from Jon’s fear stricken hand.  “Take it.. it’s yours,  just leave us alone.” Before the sound of the cork hitting the ground reached them, the wine trickled down his impure jaw to further tarnish his fraying white shirt as he rushed every drop he could between his tobacco stained teeth.  “Listen, you have your booze, now GO!!” Eden demanded as he brought his eyes to meet hers for the second time.  The sound of his lips smacking off of the green-cylindered opening and a groan gave no indication of his intent. A piercing ring engulfed Jon’s sense of sound as the bottom end of the glass container shattered against the side of his skull, causing a pool of dark blood to pour from his ear.

                 In and out of focus, he gazed at the possessed man as he set off towards the one soul that he would ever want to devote himself to with the remaining jagged edges, he felt as if he slipped into a dream and was watching out of the eyes of another. His pain and fear had completely gone, and a fire was sparked, enraging deep inside him. He could hear a growl from his chest as he watched his pale thin fingers stretch to become a set of branch like blades and the smell of flesh become a craving he could not control. Before their eyes could meet, Jon was granted the rewarding vision of pure pain from the man’s face and the cowardly howl from beneath his breath, as his teeth seeped into the broad neck of the stranger.  

                Eden stood in disbelief with all sense of sound unable to reach her tongue. She saw a plea for help in the eyes of the now half dead man, as the shock of what was happening in her line of site overpowered her. Subconsciously, her empathy began to take control. As she reached her hand out, to put herself in the way of the man’s harsh misery before this could be considered a full out murder for her husband to be, the daggers from the wrists of the hostile animal stroked her face guarding its prey from any intrusion.    Her lifeless remnants collapsed to the firm soil below without an ounce of reaction to the pain she embraced, yet causing enough heartache for Jon to regain control of his body.

                Finally being granted the ability to release his grasp of the drunken man, Jon ran to his love to see if he could bring her back. His tears trickled into her open wounds only causing the blood to run thin for moments. He swung his head in search of any possible help but found that at this time they were only now alone. His augmented cry for assistance was ignored by the lake waters and reddened tree leaves that fell around him. His eyes only shut for a moment to let the tears escape their ducts.

                Jon awoke to the smell of burning cedar and soot. He saw his tear soaked Eden smiling back at him with a love reborn. “We have killed to be here Jon.. right here where we should have been those years ago. This is our house, the one on Homebrook Road that we dreamed of one day raising our children in. This is where we have always belonged.” Jon saw the stack of wet news papers fall to the ground to his right. Each had already appeared to have been turned to Page 8.  Eden starred at him in pure fulfillment and granted Jon with this relief as well. For this was the first time he was able to smile since that night at Park Lake. Without any struggle, he broke himself from the steal chains that held him captive. He reached for his love and embraced her with a longed kiss. They closed their saddened eyes and he said “I understand.”

                I watched from another crack in the wood covering a rear window that I had found, similar to the one that Jon had seen me through before. They held each other tightly through the moments that they were engulfed by the flames that surrounded.  They say that “death comes in threes.” I can now consider myself a voucher for that belief, for I lost every ounce of humanity that night right there with them.  

I grieve with an overhung halo of guilt… for what happened outside that house before the fire that night was not at all Jon’s fault. He was under the duress of a passion stolen. What he could usually keep inside without even realizing it, was only released when the love he would never let go of, was unforeseeably shattered again in front of him.

Who could blame him for what he had done? I certainly couldn’t. No.. no..  He is truly a cherished soul and will be loved for lifetimes to come. Yes, they say “death comes in threes” but I believe this faith should be extended to birth as well. For that night at the lake, we were all born into something new. In my eyes Jon Bafrer will always be a great man.. for I am the wolf that bit me. 

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